Starlight Italians Nightwish is a project that gives life to live concerts and theatrical performances of great acoustic and visual impact, replicating the evocative atmospheres evoked by the Finnish band NIGHTWISH to which it is inspired.
The show takes place in 90/105 minutes proposing the most famous songs of the Nightwish discography, also with the help of an engaging multimedia support that "tells" the songs performed. In a suitable location, when the budget allows it, the Symphonic metal concert can be transformed into a real MUSICAL with the participation of dance choreographies on stage.
Live concerts and theatrical performances of great acoustic and visual impact, replicating the original atmospheres of the Finnish band NIGHTWISH.
Elisabetta Tagliati
Elisabetta Tagliati, from Carpi, graduated in computer science and opera singing (achieving a score of 110/110 both in the Bachelor's Degree and in the Specialization Biennium) in the Conservatory …….
Vera Della Scala
Born in Ravenna, she began studying music at a very young age and studied at the Conservatory "B. Maderna” in Cesena, earning a three-year degree in opera singing in 2019....
Steve Mars
He was born in Pesaro in 1972. He has several musical collaborations, where he gained experience in the studio and in numerous live events. Composer and multi-instrumentalist, he creates some works .....
Bass Guitars
Gianfranco Spinsanti
A Roman professional with over thirty years of live and studio experience, he has collaborated with many Italian artists as a session musician in their live performances in Italy and Europe….
Electric Guitars / Computer programming
Lorenzo Angelini
On the drums from the age of 5, he improved his musical training by studying at the Zero Crossing Modern Music Academy in Pesaro.
Alessandro David
Musician, composer and arranger, he studied music from the early years of his life and has collaborated with numerous artists, instrumentalists and groups of various genres: from rock to pop to blues. He is the author of …...
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