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STARLIGHT Italians Nightwish take inspiration from Nightwish, a Finnish symphonic metal music group formed in 1996 in Kitee.
Born as the Nightwish Tribute Band based on the idea of ??the current drummer Lorenzo Angelini, over time they have evolved by elaborating their own vision of the genre. Their sound evolves through various musical influences to create an orchestral symphonic metal with a cinematic impact. They have been able to blend heavy metal, opera music, gothic / dark atmospheres, folk parts, parts of neoclassical heavy / power metal and film soundtracks.
While always remaining within the stylistic canons of Symphonic Metal, in each song the band has added or modified important elements of their sound, creating an excellent musical combination of three styles with particular characteristics: heavy metal music, symphonic arrangements, female opera voice .
What is special about it? .... you say !! Many bands have done it and are doing it like them.
The difference is that STARLIGHT Italians Nightwish are defining a seal, a real brand on this type of sound.
Style is the main feature of STARLIGHT Italians Nightwish; the elegance in the composition, the subtle baroque style is combined with remarkable neo-classical shades, bringing euphony and pathos to the highest levels.
The vocal parts are embellished with an absolutely unique voice and all skilfully mixed with a sharp but never excessive guitar work that creates situations of euphonic / groove / power alternation entrusted to the skilled hands of the guitarist Gianfranco Spinsanti and the bassist Stefano Marasà.
It is difficult to find bands that can replicate these factors: STARLIGHT Italians Nightwish constantly evolve and offer the result of their professionalism and dedication to this genre, giving life to new musical creations.
HIGHWAY TO THE DREAM, the title of the show.
It is not just a Symphonic Metal concert, where his own discography mixed with the best songs of Nightwish is presented,
but a real "Musical" with epic and engaging atmospheres
told and supported by videos / stories and dance choreographies.


The band members

Singer Frontwoman
Graduated at the conservatory in opera singing, she was the historical female voice of the In Tormentata Quiete until 2017, she is present in the last two records "Cromagia" (2014) and "Finestatico" (2017)…..
Electric Guitars
A Roman professional with over thirty years of live and studio experience, he has collaborated with many Italian artists as a session musician in their live performances in Italy and Europe.
Founder of the .......
Born in Rome (Rm) Italy, on July 10, 1969, from an early age he had a lot of interest in music, especially in keyboards. At the age of 8 he began studying the piano with a teacher from the Santa Cecilia ......
On the drums from the age of 5, he improved his musical training by studying at the Zero Crossing Modern Music Academy in Pesaro.
The idea of the Tribute to Nightwish was born from him.
Electric Bass
He was born in Pesaro in 1972. He has several musical collaborations, where he gained experience in the studio and in numerous live events. Composer and multi-instrumentalist, he creates some works .....
Born in Freiburg - Germany
Study of the violin privately in Offenburg. Transfer for studies to Tubingen and start of collaboration with Connemara, Irish folk music group.…..


Uilleann pipes /Flute
Started to play the guitar at the beginning of high school, he very soon discovered the love for celtic music and started to play the Tin whistle (typical Irish flute) and the Great Highland Bagpipe. After some years of study he decided to go deeper in the Irish music learning the Uilleann pipes, the traditional Irish bagpipes with his charming and unique sound.
He followed Uilleann Pipes classes both in Italy and Ireland with the greatest Irish musician.
Singer / Performer
Born in Naples, Mario Mosca is a classic hard rock singer, whose matrix is attributable to the rock of the fathers of the genre, such as Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitessnake.
He made his first steps into the world of music in 1994, when, at the age of 17, he set up his first band with some friends from school, forming TIXOTROPIA.
With this band, he obtained the first important awards...


Sound Engineer
Music and video coordinator with decades of experience gained in various genre rock / metal experiences.
Sound Engineer
Music and video coordinator with decades of experience gained in various genre rock / metal experiences.


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